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The Land and the Dream



For His Glory Ministries exists to help fulfill the dreams of local pastors in some of the poorest regions of Uganda. The dream of Moses Owilli was a children’s home, school, church & medical complex. We are currently renting facilities and are at capacity so we need to build.

We have purchased 20 acres of raw land and fenced 10 acres where the dorms, multipurpose building (for dining and activities), kitchen, and restroom facilities will be built. We already have our water well in and are in the process of putting up the solar power so that water can run to the dorms and other locations.

It is a big dream, and much bigger than just our founders, so we must have a group of people that will help us see this dream come to fruition for a pastor and a 50-year-old orphan himself. We will have capacity to rescue 200 children and provide the same care as we are with the 50.

Won’t you join us?


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