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We Support Local

Pastors And Missionaries

Who don’t receive support from other sources. Most of our ministry partners are very poor themselves. They grow crops or raise chickens to feed their families, and they share the little they have with those who are even needier than they. 

Most do not receive support checks from denominations, ngos, or other nonprofit ministries. They desperately need our support, and we are deeply honored to provide it. 

Subscribe below to receive regular email updates on the work of our ministry partners in Africa. If you are interested in going to africa with us on an upcoming mission trip where you can meet and encourage our partners in person, please let us know. We promise you’ll never be the same! 

For His Glory Ministries is a 501C-3 not for profit ministry.  All Donations are tax-deductible.

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Our Board Members


Larry Nail - FOUNDER

Larry made a personal decision to follow Christ at 9 years of age. During his adult life, he has been outside of the U.S. on multiple mission trips. His trip to Africa in 2018 was a turning point in his life. The African people had great needs, and Larry was touched by their degree of peace and gratitude for everything. On the trip, he met three African pastors with great vision but receiving no consistent support made it very difficult. The support that he and his friends provided to them made a great impact in their ministries that they had never experienced before. This touched his heart, and he discovered his true purpose. Larry has been married over 40 years to his wife, Ginny, and is a successful healthcare businessman living in The Woodlands, Texas.

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Jeff Gould

Jeff is very excited to be a part of what God is doing in Africa. Jeff was raised by a single mom (Barbara) that loved the Lord. Barbara, had him in church every time the doors were open, and Jeff’s upbringing evolved around serving in their church. Attending multiple church services throughout the week, volunteering and giving to the community around him, was the way of life that impacted Jeff from an early age. Always being moved by the need to help people and the desire for Heaven to be brought to earth, here and now, seizing any opportunity to serve is a way Jeff wants and tries to live his life. The purpose of life is to be the hands and feet of Jesus. Jeff has been in real estate for 23 years, married to Bridget for 22 years, and the father of two amazing kids (Riley and Gili).


Frank Gray

As a young boy, Frank felt God calling him to the mission field. He and his brother and sisters frequently played games involving missions and discussed ways to take the message of Jesus to the world. Parachuting pallets of Bibles over India was Frank’s idea! After college, Frank attended seminary, obtaining a master's and doctor’s degree. After a few years of pastoral ministry, God called Frank into ministry in the business world. He currently owns and manages Abby Realty and Jackson Henry Mortgage, both based in Houston, Texas. He and his wife, Mary, are excited to be able to fulfill God’s original calling to the mission field by providing funding, counsel, and encouragement to their ministry partners in Africa.

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Danney McCoy

I am extremely honored to be part of the exciting movement of GOD’s Plan to expand HIS KINGDOM in AFRICA. After 74yrs., retired & refreshed, I find much satisfaction/purpose by supporting others thru encouragement of GOD’s WORD & organizations like “FOR HIS GLORY”. I’m a native TEXAS COUNTRY boy, from Houston, married to a beautiful BREANNA,(37yrs.) 2 daughters(Lisa & Lori) 3 grandchildren (Christen, Mason & Madeline ) My faith/trust in JESUS CHRIST is the motivation for the purpose of Glorifying His Name in my daily walk! The experiences & opportunities God has blessed me with, strengthens my trust as I submit my daily walk with Him. Scriptures: Jeremiah 29;11, Isaiah 40:31, Gal 2:20 are GOD’s promises for my Life. My motto for an obedient walk w/God is “STAY READY SO YOU DON’T HAVE TO GET READY.” I expect GREAT things for the future of “FOR HIS GLORY MINISTRIES” through GOD’s BLESSINGS! COME JOIN ME IN EXPANDING GOD’s KINGDOM AND BE A PART OF FOR HIS GLORY MINISTRIES FAMILY!

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